Blue Force Foundation

Our Mission:

To serve as an ally, advocate, and friend to the men and women who sacrifice so much, yet are often forgotten-spouses and family members of our Military and Law Enforcement heroes who are wounded in action, missing in action, or killed.

The Blue Force Foundation

At Blue Force Foundation, our goal is to bring awareness and provide support to the spouses and children of our fallen or wounded Military or Law Enforcement personnel. There are currently various government-provided benefits available to families of fallen heroes. Examples include Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, and Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program. While these benefits are an absolute necessity for these families, they just aren’t enough.

Studies consistently show that spouses of military personnel face employment struggles that surpass those of their civilian counterparts. Military spouse unemployment is higher, while their average salaries are lower. Furthermore, spouses who choose careers that require state-level certifications are constantly pestered with moves to different states every 2-5 years. Therefore, the military member provides higher proportion of their household income than a member of an entirely civilian household.

Now imagine the worst possible scenario-the military member is wounded, killed, or missing. In such an awful scenario, the spouse and surviving children are faced with not only being without their wife, husband, father, or mother-but without the largest portion of their household income. This terrible storm of events can have effects that last for generations. While BluFor will never be able to replace a wounded, missing, or deceased hero, we aspire to extend a helping hand to lessen the financial impact of such a tragedy.

In addition to the support to military families, BluFor provides the same services to the families of Law Enforcement Officers. From 2010 – 2017, we’ve lost over 1,200 officers in the line of duty according to As with their military family counterparts, the effects of these tragedies can last for generations. It is our goal to be able to consistently offer a helping hand to those families whose lives have been forever affected by these awful tragedies.

Our nation has asked our Law Enforcement and Military families to make tremendous sacrifices. The outstanding men and women who willingly make these sacrifices are often forgotten. Unfortunately, since September 11, 2001, the amount of Military and Law Enforcement families who have been left without husbands, wives, fathers, or mothers is staggering. It’s time we extended a helping hand to the families of our nation’s heroes.